06/15/2006 01:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Breaking: NY Post Vet Bill Hoffmann Joins Page Six

After a wide-ranging quest for a new Page Six staffer, the New York Post has drawn from within its own ranks, tapping veteran City Desk reporter Bill Hoffmann for the position.

Hoffmann is the newest permanent member of the Page Six team, joining editor Richard Johnson and full-time staffers Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson and filling the vacancy created at the end of April when Page Six dismissed its freelancers in the wake of the Jared Paul Stern scandal.

Last month, the New York Observer reported that Johnson had been conductng a broad search for potential candidates, speaking with a number of gossip-beat reporters and bloggers about the position. The Observer described the position as "legwork on the party scene...going to events at night and trolling for sources and tidbits." Hoffmann, while unlikely to trail Lindsay Lohan into the bathroom at Bungalow 8, is no stranger to the people and events chronicled in Page Six: it was he who wrote the "You're Sired!" cover story about Donald Trump's baby boy this past March.