07/07/2006 04:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

BREAKING: New Rocketboom Girl Chosen, Looks Strangely Like Old One

HuffPo's "Eat The Press" has learned that Rocketboom executive producer Andrew Baron has tapped former MTV Europe VJ Joanna Colan to take the anchor chair vacated by Amanda Congdon earlier this week. Sources familiar with the hire say Colan, formerly the music/DJ curator at Table 50, will begin on Monday, July 10th, when Rocketboom is scheduled to go live again, according to a note on the site. In addition to being a fetching blonde, Colan is also "smart and funny," according to a male fan, and brings to the show and the added credibility of an English accent.

Congdon, whose perky, upbeat delivery and good looks made her the first genuine vlogging star, made headlines when she left on Tuesday, airing the dirty laundry of her departure in her final broadcast. Baron's message on the Rocketboom site confirms Congdon's departure, reporting that she quit, though she maintains she was pushed out (the "about" page still lists Congdon as co-writer and host, however).

UPDATE: Andrew Baron declined to confirm our intel, saying that "We're still trying to figure it all out" and would not comment on whether he had been in talks with Colan: "Everything's just so crazy right now - everything is just so up in the air, as much as I'd like to talk about it." He did confirm, however, that Rocketboom would be back online at the customary 9 am start time on Monday. ETP stands by its second-hand information.

UPDATE, SUNDAY: Baron confirms it: Joanna Colan. See you tomorrow at 9am.