07/27/2006 05:02 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011


From Lapdogs To Watchdogs: Eric Boehlert Heading To Media Matters
Rolling Stone contributing editor, HuffPo contributor and former Salon senior writer Eric Boehlert will be moving to non-profit watchdog think tank Media Matters as a Senior Fellow, where he will be responsible for writing long-form pieces and general participation in the Media Matters mission. Boehlert, who recently published "Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over for Bush," will be based out of his home in Montclair, NJ and will start by the end of the summer.

Not A Bad Destination If You Used To Work At Teen People, Considering
Congratulations to former Teen Vogue art designer Holly Stevenson, who recently left the magazine to pursue her career as an artist. Stevenson, who was one of the original team members hired to launch Teen Vogue in early 2003, is having her first solo show tonight at the Riviera Gallery in Brooklyn (and combined launch for her upcoming book, "Mexican Love Story"). Stevenson says many of her former colleagues will attend and she expects it to be "a Teen Vogue reunion." Reception at 7, presumably with wine; TeenPeople staffers, go on the later side and butter 'em up while they're drunk.

Probably A Good Sign That You've 'Tipped'
What do Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Welch and Malcolm Gladwell have in common? They're all part of the lineup for the World Business Forum being held in New York this September at Radio City Music Hall. Cost: $2,400 to listen to your favorite political-and-business chin-strokers ($2,190 if you register before September 1st!). Gladwell, unsurprisingly, will speak on "Marketing 'Epidemiology'" (including "the roles of 'connectors,' 'maven' and 'salesmen'" and "how to make decisions correctly on the blink of an eye"); Jack Welch will talk about strategy and "the four principles behind successful leadership"; Clinton will talk about whatever he damn well pleases and you're gonna listen up and like it.