08/16/2006 09:26 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fox News Airs Suggestion for 'Muslim-Only' Airport Line

Yesterday on Fox News' "Dayside," conservative radio host Mike Gallagher proposed that airports institute a "Muslims only" line for airport travelers during a segment Tuesday on racial profiling. Meta, that. From Newshounds, who "watch FOX so you don't have to":

"Dayside" co-host Juliet Huddy set up the debate by noting that all terrorists have been Muslim extremists, and Jerrick claimed that some people oppose racial profiling as "politically incorrect."

"It's not just a matter of political correctness, please," responded [constitutional lawyer Michael] Gross. "It's illegal, it's unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, it shouldn't be done. We do not in this country prejudge a person based upon their race, creed, color, country of national origin and it's wrong to do so and it addition it's not effective. It doesn't work. It actually perpetuates the problem. That is, it separates us."

Gallagher responded that Gross's statements were "absolutely absurd" and claimed that the Traffic Safety Administration is aggressively targeting uniformed members of the military. "Let's have a Muslim-only line," Gallagher said, as Gross started to talk.

Jerrick asked Gallagher to repeat what he said.

"It's time to have a Muslims check-point line in America's airports and have Muslims be scrutinized. You better believe it, it's time," Gallagher said, garnering tepid audience applause.

According to the Newshounds account, despite Gross' clarification above, the debate was framed as a "political correctness" issue rather than one of unconstitutionality.

NB: Note the headline in the "Next Entry" field: "Fox Gives Airtime to a Radical Christian Pastor Trying to Orchestrate Armageddon but Doesn't Reveal His Agenda to its Audience"