08/28/2006 01:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Vacation, All Everyone Except Ambition-Mad Career Women Ever Wanted

Greetings from your ETP editor, Rachel Sklar, floating somewhere on a lake in the wilds of Canada. No, seriously, I'm floating on a lake; my dad took me out in the boat to literally surf for a wirelss signal. We are in Muskoka, Ontario's leafy, lakey, tree-ey summer paradise known to Canadians as "cottage country," and I am on vacation, ish. Sadly, the land of cottage country is also the land of dial-up; ergo, lake. Ironically, what makes me a husband-leaving house-dirtying marriage-poisoning career woman (did I mention that I'm surfing for a wireless signal on a lake?) makes me a good daughter (I'm surfing for a wireless signal on a lake...with my daddy). Upshot: In order to fulfill my filial duties I will be ceding the lion's share of ETP duties to an intrepid fleet of media-mavens inlcuding Ankush Khardori, Melissa Lafsky, Danny Shea, Rachel Pine, Alex Koppelman, Maureen Miller and Scott Thill, who will keep you covered with your daily dose of Katie Couric news (today: She's funny!). I'll continue to send dispatches whenever I want to avoid setting the table.

p.s. I am one hundred percent on a lake right now.Is it geeky that I think that's cool?
p.p.s. That's really my dad.