"Here It Is, Your Moment Of Ben": A Tearful Goodbye To Ben Karlin, Fittingly Behind The Scenes

Last night, "The Daily Show" bid farewell to executive producer and longtime backbone Ben Karlin with fond words from Jon Stewart ending with "Here it is, your moment of Ben." See below:

This very short montage is remarkable for what an obvious lack of footage they had of Karlin — the guy was so incredibly behind the scenes, and on-screen seemed far less interested in being on camera than behind it, and the show (see Mediabistro's description of him as the "Media Sixth Man of the Year"). The "Moment of Ben" was short, and to the unschooled it might have seemed like no big deal. Yet behind the scenes it was, fittingly, different: Apparently, the "Moment of Ben" earned a long standing ovation for Karlin, which, according to a source on set brought Karlin to tears. Aw. Waterskiiing squirrels will do that to a guy. It was apparently an emotional, heartfelt moment for everyone, and a big milestone for the show. Longtime head writer and newly-minted EP David Javerbaum will have some big waterskis to fill, clearly. We shall see starting on January 8, 2007!