01/02/2007 06:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Media Winners of 2006: Honorable Mentions (Rapid-Fire Round II)

Here you go, some more random 2006 Media Winner Honorable Mentions, even though it's 2007. We make the rules around here, punk. See Part I here.
  • Best New Phrase: The "Friedman Unit" (FU), coined by Atrois, tom friedman maniacal grin.JPG in reference to the six-month period that would be required in order to determine the outcome of the Iraq War, according to Thomas Friedman's repeated predictions from November 30, 2003 through May 11, 2006, as highlighted by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting). Thanks for the FU, Friedman!

  • Best Variant on The Friedman Unit: The "New Friedman Unit" (NFU) or "Metric Friedman Unit" for the "10 months or 10 year" period that Thomas Friedman has recently insisted the U.S. presence will be required in Iraq. One New Friedman Unit equals 20 Friedman Units.

  • Best Smackdown of Thomas Friedman: "Friedman in China" by Beijing-in-residence NYO editor Tom Scocca. In Beijing, globalization! It's true, a cab driver told us.

  • Best Put-Down of Sir Harold Evans (aka Mr. Tina Brown): "I think this conversation is being conducted by the wrong people", by Sir Martin Sorrell, head of global ad giant WPP, to Evans, who had been speaking in defense of traditional print media during a Media Breakfast at the Four Seasons Restaurant on November 9. Oh, snap.

  • Best Glimpse into the New York Socialite Viper Pit: The racist and quasi-royalist rantings in the comments section of Makes you almost feel for Tinz.
    jolie cooper yawn.jpg

  • Most Unseemly Fawning Over an Interview Subject: Anderson Cooper's CNN interview with Angelina Jolie (JOLIE: I was sure I could save the world. COOPER: Mmm-hmm.) Those lips + those blue eyes = Two of the most BORING HOURS OF TELEVISION EVER.

  • Best Man-About-Town: Bucky Turco. Everywhere you're not looking, ever the man of mystery, ever the Animal.

  • Best Denton Mini-Me: Elizabeth Spiers, who last year tapped into an under-served (and over-moneyed) online readership with Dealbreaker (Rich Finance Types), Supermogul (Richer Finance Type) and Abovethelaw (The Lawyers Who Love - Or Envy -Them). While the WSJ rushes, belatedly, into the space (coincidence? We think not) she's already planning to tap into the world of fashion. This is the second blog empire for Spiers, who founded all the Mediabistro blogs (other than TVNewser) during her editorship; though, of course, she was the original founding editor of Gawker, Denton's first blog, aka The One That Started It All (but we'll leave the tussling over credit to them).

  • Most Relentless Coverage of Aleksey Vayner: Ivygate. Impossible Is Nothing.

  • Best Blog-To-Print-To-Blog Swap: Jossip, sending Corynne Steindler to Page Six and welcoming Debbie Newman from Rush & Molloy.

  • Best Man You Want In Your Foxhole: Former LA Times Editor and all-around mensch Dean Baquet, for resisting pressure from LAT-owner Tribune Co. to cut jobs and standing up for newspaper journalism when it counted most —even at the expense of his own job. The question is, does Keller want Baquet in his foxhole?

  • Best Worst Timing, Like, Ever: Lloyd Braun. Yahoo hired Lloyd Braun to head their Media Group after ABC fired him for greenlighting those two awful flops, Lost and Desperate Housewives. Meanwhile, he arrived at Yahoo just in time for its downward slide, oversaw the unremarkable creation of an Internet zeitgeist show reminiscent of Rocketboom but sans Congdon, and apparently also pitched a lot of "embarrassing" ideas like a puppet-anchored news show (not embarrassing for the people at "Crank Yankers"). Braun quit just after Yahoo's recent reorg announcement after being passed over for a vacant top spot, which probably means that a puppet-anchored news show is about to become the next big thing.

  • Best Escape From The Evil Clutches Of Fact-Checkers: Alessandra Stanley, again (and again and again and again).

  • Best Non-Indictment: Jared Paul Stern. So far - 2007 is still up in the air. In the Burkle-Stern cagematch, it all depends on who has what up their sleeve.

  • Best Slide Into Irrelevance: Maureen Dowd. What did you do this year? Seriously, we can't remember.

  • Robert McNamara Redemption Tour Award: Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman and David Frum in Vanity Fair. Honorable Mention: Thomas Friedman. Of course.