01/12/2007 12:18 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Box In A Box": Yes, Olbermann Goes There

As every internet phenomenon must, "Box In A Box" is finally being noticed by the MSM. If you are unaware of said box, a wee backtrack: Someone made the inevitable follow up to SNL's "Dick In A Box" — actually, no doubt many people did but this one happens to be good. It's called "Box In A Box" and it's a completely original song, crooned in a YouTube video by a pretty girl in a low-cut top as she swivels and bops with a beribboned box on her — well, strategically-placed, if not anatomically possible. You really should watch the video first (below) before going any further. In any case, the lady of the ladyflower in question goes by "Bunny" according to her website, My Box In A Box (tagline: "Britney Showed The World Her Box, But My Box Is Just For You," presumably meaning "You" in the Time magazine sense). The vid first posted on Dec.28, 2006, made the rounds over the holidays, and reached millions of people, at least one of which was on the Olbermann producing team.

Well! If anyone was going to go there, Olbermann was going to go there, and there he went on Monday with the above broadcast, clearly loving every second of the pervy fun ("Maybe it's a puppy!"). And though a warning of sorts was issued before diving into the matter, it's still sort of on the brow-raisingly suggestive side; ETP wonders what kind of standards and practices discussions were held prior to the broadcast (Olbermann claimed that they'd considered bleeping something out, but they didn't know how; a tad disingenuous, wethinks, considering he showed the clip with her singing "You might like Starbucks muffins, but my muffin tastes good too" and "It's a beaaaaverrrrrr!" A tad. We're just saying.

Incredibly, the mysterious but adorable "Bunny" managed to stay anonymous for a while without some ex-boyfriend waving her photo across the internet, but it was only a matter of time, and the intrepid IvyGate broke the news of what certainly seems to be her identity, one Melissa Lamb, sophomore at Penn (though Bunny denied it on the blog, claiming a twin). In the meantime, her box will go on, with promises of new material and a brand-new fan version splicing in clips submitted from around the world. Sort of takes user-generated content and interactivity to a whole new level. In any case, present for you below.

(YouTube is down right now so I can't get the code; in the meanwhile, watch it here.)

p.s. Special kudos for use of Spanish (Cinqo de Mayo!) and taking the required steps up to five. Dammit, women just need more.

Update:Olbermann clip after the jump.