02/22/2007 02:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Of Glossy Mags And Freezing Socialites: Radar 's Kickoff Party In LA

Whee, did you hear? Radar 3.0 is out, and all the toxic bachelors are rarin' to go! Last night was the brand-newly brand-new mag's first kickoff party, held in glamorous Tinseltown with a glittering assortment of local media and random people flown in from New York. Never one to miss a party, ETP sent columnista, rising talking head and erstwhile pin-up Julia Allison, who, armed with only a camera, her wits, and her very first Diane Von Furstenberg, sussed out the scoopage while trying to find her missing skirt. Her report is below, complete with photos and the tantalizing promise of video to come. Enjoy!

Julia and La Tinz.jpgLast night kicked off the LA installment of Radar's "3rd-time's-the-charm-goddamnit" launch party, held in freezing temperatures around the outdoor pool at The Standard in Hollywood (note to NY party planners: LA in February is NOT pool-worthy). Perhaps finally exhausted with being the butt of "re-re-launch" jokes, the event was actually labeled as their "first annual Hollywood bash," but except for the location, there was nothing remotely Hollywood about it. Imported New York socialites Tinsley Mortimer and Fabiola Beracasa (in vintage!) mingled somewhat bewildered with New York journalists, down to work the academy awards, who talked with a sprinkling of west coasters, finally enjoying what their shivering brethren take for granted - incestuous mediacentric free bars.

Despite the heat lamps dotting the patio and a giant sponsored tequila bar, ETP and the other scantily clad women had a tough time keeping warm, until the photographers came. There's a reason Tinz and Fab are the #1 and #2 Socialites in New York (according to Socialite Rank thisveryminute). The "girls," as all of the publicists, pix-takers, and various hangers-on called them, are really freaking good at working the camera. Even with the ever-awkward, ever-hopeful editor-in-chief Maer Roshan wedged in between them, pimp style (see video - which is coming soon).

Julia and Lisanti - good lord Lisanti, what have you done with her skirt.jpgAlthough also-ran 'lites Olivia Palermo and Byrdie Bell posed in Radar's first issue with the Big Two, they were nowhere to be seen, perhaps not famous enough to be flown out and put up gratis. The gorgeous Jen Raines from H Stern and Ali Wise from Dolce & Gabbana were happy to fill in as resident designer-clad young posing things. We spoke to the ladies, and were appalled when we found them sweet and unassuming. And when Tinsley admitted it was her "second time ever in LA," we almost spit up our drink (water). We actually liked her.

We also spotted NYT media critic and erstwhile Carpetbagger David Carr (photo), Defamer stud Mark Lisanti (Gawker managing editor Lockhart Steele was conspicuously absent), Radar's Deputy Editor Chris Tennant (photo), Slate blogginghead and dashing LA gadabout Mickey Kaus, Mediabistro Fishbowl-LA's enthusiastic and affable Kate Coe (video), LA Times' staffer Joe Menn, Gotham/Capitol File etc .vanity publisher Jason Binn (we heard but did not spot personally), Blackbook's Stinson Carter, Granada's Robert Green, photographer Jill Greenberg, (and Gutfeld sidekick) Andrew Breitbart. We had our eyes peeled for one notable LA resident, the not-really-ever-in-the-news Ron Burkle but alas, he was not there to weigh in on whether he is, in fact, a Radar investor. The only sorta-celeb we could find was "America's Next Top Model"-izer Jay Alexander, who, after intense interrogation, admitted he had "never read carr and maer.jpgRadar"- but "planned to do so on the plane tomorrow." We considered challenging him to a Pose Off with The Tinz, but after careful observation during McMullan-time, we think "Tinsel" (as one confused LA denizen called her), would put JA to shame.

Right, but about the magazine, we cornered Roshan for the third (ha!) time. What about the MAGAZINE? He said something, swirling his drink. Variety and the Times were standing there with us. We all agreed it was a boring quote. Next! "Ultimately, we're not about celebrity, we're about culture." Right! Um ... Okay. So it makes sense to start with a party in Hollywood then!

No matter. "Maer's like Lazarus," said Carr. "You can't root against him." Indeed.

Photos, top to bottom: Julia Allison and Chris Tennant; Julia Allison and Tinsley Mortimer; Julia Allison and Mark Lisanti; David Carr and a clearly pleased-as-punch Maer Roshan. If you're wondering why ETP posted all the pics of Julia up top, well, duh. We look forward to seeing you all at Radar's New York party, rumored to be next Wednesday at Marquee, or maybe on Saturday in Westchester at some kid's Bar Mitzvah - none of those clowns will give us a straight answer. Where's our invitation? Hmph.

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