04/04/2007 06:06 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Need To Know: 04.04.07, A New American Morning Edition

    O'Brien Overhaul! Ratings challenged CNN "American Morning" anchors Soledad O'Brien and Miles O'Brien are out, and expected to be replaced by former CBS White House Correspondent John Roberts and recent Fox alum Kiran Chetry. Roberts left CBS last year when he was passed over for the anchor position that eventually went to Katie Couric, and Chetry left Fox in February amidst rumors (since denied) that she had demanded an anchor position written into her contract. One result of the change? American Morning is now one half Canadian. [WaPo]

  • It ain't over till it's over: And even then we're not convinced it'd really be finished. Sam Zell's deal with the Tribune, and its "fairly modest" breakup fee has left a "generous opening" opening for other bidders, namely Ron Burkle and Eli Broad. David Geffen, however, still has his eye on the LA Times. And, ever-present, Rupert Murdoch has also expressed interest in merging parts of the NYPost with (Tribune-owned) Newsday, reportedly in an effort to save money (would that mean a further drop in prices?) . [NYT] Meanwhile, who will take the Cubs? [LAT]

  • A case of the building wagging the paper? The NY Times is set to move into its brand new, state-of-the-art building, a "building that will demand the kinds of changes [Sulzberger Jr] has been trumpeting for more than a decade." [NYO]

  • Trading Places: Next up on the two-way highway that seems to be running between CBS and CNN, is Lou Dobbs, who will start contributing to The Early Show beginning April 10. [B&C)

  • New York state of mind: In lieu of a celebrity face, current speculation suggestions that Portfolio's cover will be a shot of the New York City skyline at night. What, Bono wasn't available? [WWD]