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    Chance to make a Zellion? New Tribune owner Sam Zell has offered employees the chance to cash in, sort of. For employees, "who will end up owning 60 percent of the new Tribune, the potential returns could be staggering...but if Tribune falters, as it did in the first quarter, those returns could evaporate quickly. We feel like there's a Monty Hall reference somewhere in here. [Tribune]

  • The Sound and the Fury: Or just daytime television hosts. According to Alessandra Stanley, underneath all the smiling faces, there "lies a noisy colony roiling with slights, rifts and rivalries that pop out whenever the Thorazine subsides." Goodness, we thought that was just CBS news. [NYT]

  • Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and the Motion Picture Association of America: Just to name a few. Jack Valenti has died at age 85. [NYT]

  • Well-placed priorities: In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings both the New York Post and People digitally altered a photo of injured student Kevin Sterne being carried out by police, not because he was soaked with blood, but because there was some concern his penis was showing (it's a tourniquet). [PDN Online]

  • Animals are people too: PETA, has asked that the AP stylebook cease referring animals as "it" and "which" and instead use "he" or "she." Important stuff, people. [E&P]

  • Favorite moment from last night's Democratic Debate: WILLIAMS: "In addition to his uncontrolled verbosity, Biden is a gaff[e] machine... Can you reassure voters in this country that you would have the discipline you would need on the world stage, Senator?" BIDEN: "Yes." We have soft spot for Joe Biden. [WCNC]

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