03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Mike Leach Firing: Someone Is Lying

As I noted earlier in my column about the circumstances of Mike Leach's firing at Texas Tech, there are plenty of shaky sides to this story. At present, it would seem more than likely the alleged victim in this, Adam James, along with perhaps some family members, has done a masterful job of leading everyone into a fairy tale.

Only one media outlet has gone to a source and put someone on camera to talk about what actually happened. Not only that, but as I linked to in the previous article. this TV station also takes pains to show the actual rooms James was kept in. Judge for yourself and you begin to wonder where the whining actually began.

Football coaches are notorious for punishing players who don't seem to understand who is really in charge. Basketball coaches make guys runs laps and do push-ups. Hockey players who goof off are skating until their ankles snap. Prep baseball players sometimes clean more toilets than the janitors.

Parents need to stop whining every time their precious little bundle of grown joy has problems with authority. Adam James has something of a history with Mike Leach, and something obviously snapped. The kid was never in physical danger, and his story doesn't check out.

By the way, perhaps the hierarchy at Texas Tech needs to view this video I've linked to, read my article and check some of the other links, and then realize what we have here is something they have yet to reveal.

Evidence. But certainly not the kind they want the general public or boosters to see. At the moment at least, there is evidence of only one side playing fast and loose with the truth.