07/28/2008 09:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Paris Hilton Rocks Comic-Con

Paris Hilton at Comic-Con?
In yet another sign that this massive annual mish-mash of fan-boys and fan-babes, nerds, geeks, artists, A-list celebrities and studio executives has become the biggest event of the year in entertainment, Paris made her Comic-Con debut the other day at a panel for the upcoming futuristic musical thriller Repo! The Genetic Opera. Her appearance was one of the few well-kept secrets here at the Con -- so secret, in fact, that the press didn't know about it.

The even bigger secret of the day was a party that night in a private room at San Diego hotspot Stingeree for Paris and the creative team from the movie, including producer and director Darren Lynn Bousman. A glowing Paris seemed genuinely enthusiastic about Repo!, in which she portrays the daughter of an organ donor titan and sings a number of songs.

Involuntary organ donation is a key component of this tuneful gore-fest, which makes Bousman, the director of the two most recent Saw movies and the upcoming fourth entry in the series, the perfect man for this job. (Hit the trailer for more.)

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