05/25/2012 04:25 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

Cosmic Prayer

A few months ago, I welcomed James into the world. My grandson joined our cosmic journey on January 25. Several weeks ago, my son and his wife presented baby James to family and friends for a spiritual baptism. Below is the prayer I offered as part of the welcome celebration.

Some 13.7 million years ago our primal ancestors began a cosmic adventure called the Great Flaring Forth. Some call this cosmic beginning the Big Bang. The Bible calls this Genesis. We call it Wonderful.

Who could have imagined that these initial nano particles would eventually become trees, lakes, birds, fish and you and me. It seems to many that the universe had a sense from the very beginning that it wanted to create the conditions for life.

Today we give thanks to the galaxies and stars which fill our night sky. Because of their work, we find ourselves here this afternoon. Had it not been for the stars we would not exist. It is through their self offering, that all elements came into being.

Today we give thanks for this cosmic adventure. We are made of stardust.

Today we give thanks to the wonder of birth and life. Today we give thanks to the universe's gift of James Curler Shurna. We open our hearts to Baby James. You are part of this heavenly adventure we call life. We promise to support and guide you, to welcome you into our community of friends and family. We lift you up to your heavenly origin and we say with a loud and joyful voice, Thank You for this special gift. We promise to love and cherish and protect you all the days of our lives.

Oh Lord and giver of life thank you for this special day. Thank you for life's miracle. Fill us with wonder and love as we behold the work of your loving creation.