06/12/2013 10:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Money in Politics Is Not Funny, Except When It Is (VIDEO)

With unbelievably low approval ratings for Congress, the need to beat money in politics corruption is greater than ever. Usually, this isn't something to joke around about, but sometimes it's called for:

There you have it. Politicians are dancing to the tune of their biggest donors at the expense of the issues you care about most: from the environment to tax reform; from education to healthcare. Commonsense reforms are DOA as long as the biggest donors and special interest lobbyists are paying the bills and calling the shots.

So we're doing something about it, by building a huge non-partisan movement to institute real reform and pass the American Anti-Corruption Act. It would get politicians out of the strip club and into the Kiwanis Club.

While we are obviously not afraid to have a sense of humor (see video), we are dead serious about fixing this problem. Just ask the guy in the American flag underwear.