04/07/2015 02:01 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2015

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt


Most of us have t-shirts that make us walking billboards for our fashion taste; some decked out in bling, others ripped and stained that we can't bear to part with since it has sentimental value. Still more have messages emblazoned on them that tell the world what we believe in.

One of mine asks the philosophical question that is a quote by Lao Tzu: "Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water becomes clear?" I saw it in a yoga studio and it took a few months before I could honestly affirm that sentiment. Even now, I stir up the muddy water until it becomes cloudy, just for fun.

Another offers the encouragement to "Hug It Forward," with arms wrapped around the globe. Still a third invites me to Just Love. I wonder what would happen if the garments we wore really DID tell people how we wanted to be seen, with raw and naked honesty.

"I am feeling lost, so please help me find myself."

"I want to be loved best of all, so love me until I can do it for myself."

"I'm not sure how to say what I am feeling, so switch on the Universal Translator"

"I wish I was stronger and more flexible emotionally, so I am hiring you as my feelings fitness trainer."

"Even though I say I am on top of things, there are times when it seems like things are on top of me."

"As much as I like to be center stage, sometimes I want to hide behind the curtain."

"If you are the rock on which someone leans, remember that rocks crumble."

"I was an alien baby left on my parents' doorstep."

"I am an opti-mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility."

"Do you color outside the lines with your creative juices?"

"Love with abandon without fear of being abandoned."

"Love is my religion and God's too big too put in a box."

"Create your life by Divine Design"