06/28/2013 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Year Later, the Legacy Continues

Six years ago, I found myself face to face with Lonesome George -- and in that one moment, he crystallized my vision.

My vision was of an "army" of Agents of Change; a world where all individuals consciously understood that everyday choices mattered.

As I strive to manifest this vision, I've come to understand that my purpose is to outfit these Agents of Change. With this realization, I founded Lonesome George & Co. -- a brand that champions our ability to choose and enhances our capacity to make a difference.

This week has been very special for me. It's been one year now since we witnessed the passing of Lonesome George. As I reflect on this, it is impossible not to feel Lonesome George's commanding yet compassionate presence everywhere. Lonesome George was an incredible creature that attracted millions of people for what he represented: The last one of his kind, the rarest creature in the world, the world's Icon of Conservation and so much more.

All these legitimate labels, however, do not mean a thing unless one gives personal meaning to them. In my case, I chose Lonesome George to be the emblem of an Agent of Change. To me, he will always be the catalyst of awareness, the icon of self-empowerment, the enabler of innovative futures. Without him, my vision would have remained vague, unreachable and it would have most certainly dissipated in time.

Thank you, Lonesome George, for...

• Clarifying my vision
• Allowing me to recognize my fears
• Giving me the courage to overcome obstacles
• Letting me understand what I am capable of
• Showing me there is more within me than what I think
• Teaching me how to care for others
• Helping me to understand we are all connected
• Changing my current world view
• Breaking my restrictive mental models
• Inspiring me to act
• Making a difference in my life

A year has gone by and I invite you all to enlist in this army of Agents of Change and accept the challenge to Live the Legacy.

MIND your choices, SHIFT your thinking and IMPACT your surroundings.



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