12/19/2007 05:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

John, Paul, George, Ringo...and Mike Huckabee?

He hates you yeh, yeh, yeh.

At a news conference, Mike Huckabee referenced The Beatles, my Beatles, in order to neutralize the heebie-jeebies people got from his latest Christmas commercial running in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Gosh he's just like me. He likes The Beatles, I like The Beatles. Do I heart Huckabee? I didn't think I did. Huckabee should not be allowed to make such references. It's confusing. Someone out there with very few brains in their head might mistake him for a regular guy. He is not. Mike Huckabee is to The Beatles as sand paper is to a baby's tushy.

Huckabee's camp is accused of inserting a subliminal cross into his Christmas case you weren't sure he was into God and all. Mike Huckabee needing a subliminal message so we associate him with religion is like Lou Dobbs not so subtly clearing his throat when the subject of immigration comes up at a dinner party. We get it.

And, what did the Huckster do while explaining that this was just a wild coincidence? He references The Beatles. Is that even legal? Huckabee made light of questions about his intent by saying that if you play his ad backwards it says Paul is Dead. Paul is Dead. Well, Paul isn't dead but I'm quite sure John Lennon is rolling over in his grave. George Harrison is likely apoplectic. Ringo...oh who really cares?

Ah, Huckabee as President Mellow Yellow. Maybe we'll get lucky and next time he'll quote some Grateful Dead lyrics. That will surely drag in liberal voters like me who, until now were just too hung up on his positions on abortion and gay marriage. You know, the little things. Yes he's a mean spirited evangelical but he digs the same tunes as me, man. Maybe he's even into trading bootlegs? I hear he's got Roanoke '74 right off the motherboard.

Folks, Huckabee's a sharpie. In a completely different way (read: with brains), he's George W. Bush version 2.0. I don't think Mike Huckabee will be our next president. Still, I was saying the same thing about George W. early in the 2000 campaign. So, take my opinion with a grain of salt. But know this, like our current evangelical president, Mike Huckabee is dangerous. Why? Because a lot of the people who he'll be speaking to over the next year are complete morons. (No, not you...your neighbors.) A lot of folks will fall for what he's selling.

Don't agree? Cast your mind back to the 2000 election. Everyone kept saying Bush was the kind of guy with whom they'd like to have a beer. (I know, not you, the other guy.) You remember everyone's good buddy W. don't you? Remember how the country got all weak in the knees because Bush was real and approachable? The anti-Gore...not so stuffy, not so verbose. Ring a bell? What we have here is another guy doing the same thing, just smarter and more at ease with the process.

Did Huckabee purposefully insert a subliminal crucifix into his Christmas campaign ad? I don't put it past any politician on either side to do something so silly. I can see some candidate listening to a consultant who tells them what a great idea it would be. Still, let's give Huckabee the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is much ado about nothing. Fine. Assume that no one in his media-savvy campaign saw a hovering cross over the right shoulder of the Republican parties latest evangelical poster boy. Whatever. Hardly the point (believe it or not). Still, this guy's no fool.

What so many folks find appealing about him is that he's not a foaming-at-the-mouth God Guy. He's apparently the kind of man you could suffer through dinner with, so long as it wasn't Passover. He's sharp, approachable, funny, and comfortable in his own skin. But everyman or not, Huck's unapologetically over-the-top religious and to any of us out here who find that to be a turn off...he says bah humbug.

During today's dialogue with reporters, Huckabee defended his decision to overtly refer to Christmas and Christ in his ad rather than a more embracing "holiday" message. He almost bristled at the notion of making a more widely appealing holiday commercial. In the ad Huckabee refers to "the celebration of the birth of Christ." Yes, Christmas equals Christ + mass. Got it. Still, this country of ours is full of all kinds of people, even Jews like me. Some of us even vote. Would it kill the guy to tip his cap to the rest of the voters who maybe see the holiday season in a different light? Are we to assume that if you don't believe in Jesus in the same way he does, that he doesn't wish you a happy holiday? Is making sure the rest of the evangelicals know that he's the real deal Jesus guy in the pack so vital that he'd overtly alienate so many others?

Imagine if someone who touts themselves as a man of religion wasn't so willing to alienate others just to get in bed with the evangelical crowd. Imagine if, just once, one of the real religious candidates made it their mission to actually embrace all of this nation's people regardless of faith. Imagine if someone like Huckabee didn't feel he had to make a Christmas ad.