11/08/2012 09:37 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Social Media Is Nothing More Than Common Sense


Brands are becoming more and more aware of the necessity to strengthen their social media presence. As customers increasingly demand real time interaction and engagement, brand are looking to Twitter in particular. Social media is in fact about communications and brand development, themselves the most strategic and sensitive aspect of any business's success.

Twitter announced on October 25 that there are over 2,000 ways to interact on Twitter. The question remains: How many of these ways are brands aware of and actively exercising? Who could have that this 140-characters-communication platform could create so much buzz -- and even jobs! Brands don't have to be confused and unsure about the effectiveness of Twitter's 140 characters nature -- they just need bespoke communications advice and training. It's that simple.

Social media is plain and simple, meaning everyone and every brand can do it -- but only if they are confident that they can do it. Building confidence in brands is a huge responsibility of responsible agencies and consultancies. Trust me, if you as a consultant build confidence in your client and hand-hold them to drive and achieve results, they will trust you and constantly come back to you with new projects or recommend you to their business contacts.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of social media consultancies and "gurus" out there trying to make sense of social media -- Twitter in particular. From an ethical point of view, buying Twitter followers has become an issue. Making matters even worse is that some gurus and agencies pitch to brands that Twitter is a sophisticated, esoteric tool requiring expertise to manage -- expertise acquired by outsourcing Twitter activities.

Remember that the future of competition is collaboration and partnership. The real winners of the future will be those who genuinely say "Let's talk."