03/04/2012 11:45 pm ET Updated May 04, 2012

Can People Please Get Over the Fact That President Obama Is Black?!


U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull forwarded one of the most disgusting and racist emails about President Barack Obama ever.  It is so unbecoming of a judge to hold these narrow-minded views.  Judge Cebull acknowledged that the email is racist but says he's not a racist, only anti-Obama.  Yeah right, I'm sure part of his anti-Obama agenda includes President Obama being black.  Being a "minority," I would hate to have my case decided by Judge Cebull.  Judge Cebull has indicated that he will send President Obama a formal apology, but he should also include a resignation letter.  I'm throwing Judge Cebull a flying chancla! Furthermore, can people please get over the fact that President Obama is black?!

When I first read about the Republican elected official who was removed from office for committing voter fraud, I couldn't believe it.  How can any office holder commit voter fraud?  If there's any group of people who should be familiar with voter registration, it should be candidates running for office. The most mind-boggling aspect about the Charlie White incident is that the Secretary of State (SOS) of Indiana was the one who violated the law.  The SOS of Indiana is in charge of running clean elections.  Come on, man!  Show some respect for the office.  White was found guilty of 6 felony counts related to voter fraud,  including lying about his home address, registering to vote in that address, and voting in a precinct where he was not legally registered to vote.  I'm giving former-SOS Charlie White a chanclaso.  Also, I would like to mention the fact that Republicans all over the country are promoting voter ID legislation to deter voter fraud, even though they fail to provide credible evidence that mass voter fraud exists.  More importantly, providing a voter ID at the polls would not have prevented the voter fraud that White committed.


It's a new month, so that must mean a new state has passed marriage equality.  The great state of Maryland has done just that.  Governor Martin O'Malley has signed the marriage equality bill that the state legislature passed last month.  I'm giving a big aplauso to Governor O'Malley and to all the state legislators, activists, and organizations that made this happen. Adelante Maryland! Which state do you want to pass marriage equality next?  

--Sergio Lopez