05/14/2012 12:44 am ET Updated Jul 13, 2012

Carolina Blues, President Obama Sees the Light


I'm sending a furious chanclaso to the 1.3 million voters who voted in favor of banning same-sex marriage in North Carolina. Religious bigotry wins again in this country and North Carolina becomes the 30th state to declare its gay population second class citizens all in the name of religious freedom. One of the great tragedies of marriage equality failing in state after state is that it exposes the bigotry many Americans have towards gays in this country. Yes, many of us have homophobes in our families but when the homophobes win with the majority of voters in their state, it validates their homophobic views.  It's a sad week for North Carolinians and while the anti-gay forces rejoice with their victory, the future is looking bright for marriage equality. Recently, a new Gallup poll indicated that 70% of 18-34 year olds support marriage equality. Marriage equality is coming to the U.S. no matter what kind of intolerant religious views people may hold.

Can you imagine if interracial marriage was put before voters on the ballot box?  My dinero would be on interracial marriage being banned too. Can we no longer vote on people's civil rights? It only taints our country and leads to a very divisive atmosphere.  


As if there was any doubt who would be getting an aplauso this week, it could only go to El Jefe, El Presidente Barack Obama, for finally coming out in support of marriage equality. This is the first time in U.S. history that a sitting president came out in favor of marriage equality. President Obama cited his staff in committed same-sex relationships and his daughters' friends with gay parents as his reasons for coming full circle in supporting gay Americans. Adelante Obama!