06/03/2012 09:35 am ET Updated Aug 03, 2012

Latino Voters Under Attack in Florida

Governor Rick Scott of Florida deserves more than a flying chancla, but he's on the receiving end of this week's chanclaso with the possibility of many more to come, especially during election season.  What infraction did the Florida governor commit?  He's the mastermind behind the latest effort to remove thousands of Latinos and other eligible voters from the voter rolls. Governor Scott has a produced a list of over 182,000 voters who he claims are non-US citizens and thus, ineligible to vote.  However, the Secretary of State, Kurt Browning, resigned earlier this year because he was not sure the list was accurate and did not want to be responsible for mass voter disenfrachisement.   In early May, the state of Florida notified the first 2,700 "non-citizens" that they were ineligible to vote.  And to no one's surprise, reports are coming out that eligible voters are receiving notification letters that they're being removed from the voter rolls due to their non-citizen status.  Guess what group makes up the majority on the non-citizen list?  Latinos.  According to the Miami HeraldLatinos make up 58 percent of those targeted as non-eligible voters. I'm sure Latinos with Spanish surnames such as Garcia, Morales, Moreno, Lopez, Sanchez, etc. have all been targeted.

Governor Scott is fully aware that the list is full of inaccuracies and that thousands of eligible voters are being purged.  This might sound eerily familiar since this is exactly what the state of Florida did in 2000.  Florida is a presidential swing state and in this critical election year, any means to get the outcome that he wants suits him just fine.  Fortunately, the Department of Justice has ordered the state of Florida to cease its voter purge, citing numerous violations the state has committed.