04/18/2012 08:10 am ET Updated Aug 16, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Walker Attacks Sex Ed


I've long-championed giving students a solid understanding on sex education. Knowledge is key in lowering sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and preventing teenage pregnancies. Unfortunately, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has made a major disservice to teens in Wisconsin by signing a bill that requires educators to solely teach an abstinence-only curriculum and eliminates the teaching of contraception usage altogether. An abstinence-only policy does not work and it's silly to think teenagers are going to wait until their adults to have intercourse.  Instead we should give teenagers the best resources available so that they can make the best decisions for themselves.  Ain't no shame in knowing how to put on a condom.  Governor Walker is receiving a well-deserved chanclaso for being a total bonehead on sex education. 

I'm giving Raimundo Rojas, the Hispanic outreach coordinator for the National Right to Life Committe, un chanclaso en la boca. Rojas trying to get media attention for his good-for-nothing organization said that the "single most dangerous place for a Latina in these United States is in her mother's womb."  Anti-choice advocates will say the most outlandish things and will downright lie and harass women to prevent them from making their own reproductive choices. Rojas has no business discussing women's reproductive issues and he needs to go talk to his hermanas y primas about the real dangers affecting Latinas (high teenage pregnancy rates and lack of college education) rather than promote his organization's perceived dangers.