06/11/2013 12:40 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

Americans on NSA Surveillance: 'Love it. Makes Me Feel Like a Kardashian'

Depending on whom you ask, the government's surveillance program is either a massive violation of fundamental privacy -- an encroachment on civil liberties echoing the dystopian world forewarned in Orwell's 1984 -- or, as the majority of Americans see it, 'Meh. Whatevs."

The Daily Refried staff hit the street to conduct a highly scientific study (we wore lab coats and shit) to determine just how Americans feel knowing that they're living in an age of constant digital surveillance from their own government:

"I think that The United States is the greatest country in the world and that it would never do nothing bad to its people. Not like Russia, because I saw Rocky V when I was a kid and they made that big blonde guy and I think he was a robot and but Rocky still beat him ... (unintelligible) ... USA! USA!"

"We have gradually acquiesced. We have handed over our most fundamental rights as the direct result of war and resulting scare tactics pinning safety against civil liberties. We've bought the narrative and now many of us don't even understand why the NSA's policies and practices are worth getting upset over -- no matter how invasive they are. It's to the point that we don't even flinch when we hear that the government feels it has the right to invade every citizen's privacy. Not to mention the fact that the administration's policy is laughable, essentially "Trust us, we would never do anything untoward."

"Listen to this geeky, literate bastard. (Juts thumb towards Julio) As long as the NSA doesn't tell my mom that I frequent geriatric porn sites, they can do what they like."

"Oh my god. It's just like that episode of the Kardashians, where Khloé felt like no one was listening to her. And she like broke down and stuff. But then she found out that Patrice was actually listening. So, yeah, we should be grateful that the government listens to us, like Patrice, because sometimes it feels like no one does and that makes me :( Also, this surveillance stuff is great, makes me feel like one of the Kardashians because at least someone is listening, like when I had to confront my boyfriend about how he gave me syphilis... And no, Tony, I don't believe you got it from a public toilet. (Whispered aside to interviewer) You can't get it from a toilet seat, right?

Your handsome and humble servant, El Guapo

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