03/10/2012 07:03 pm ET Updated May 10, 2012

Words Between Friends: Oxyincontinent. Transvaginal Ultrasoundbite. Health Unsurance.

The day after International Womens Day (and what a mess cleaning up after the parade), a fun run of words between friends.

Elayne Boosler: Well La-De-fund Da. Banned Parenthood.

Debbie Harris Donushi: Planned Parenthoodlums.

Mary Higgins Squires: It's morning sickness again in America.

Debbie Harris Donushi: Ovuleight is enough.

Elayne Boosler: Condomnation.

Debbie Harris Donushi: Probe-ation Officer.

Asa Williams: Secret Cervix.

Boosler: Birth Control to Major Tom.

Debbie Harris Donushi: Embryoglio.

Boosler: The Boehner of our existence.

Keith England: You WANT me on that vaginal wall. You NEED me on that vaginal wall!!

Mary Higgins Squires: Mrs. Gorbachev, wallpaper this wall!

Boosler: Uterus against Them. Not another candidate's debase. They're rape-acious.

Peter Warren:

Debbie Harris Donushi: Cut the Umbiblical Quotes. No pubic option.

Casey Justcasey: I hate a politician with a Vagenda.

Boosler: No Newts is good Newts.

Keith England: I promise I won't quorum in your mouth.

Mark Sweetman: Suffergette.

Boosler: Sufforget.

Mary Higgins Squires: The Pill of rights.

Debbie Harris Donushi: Our foreplay fathers. IUDefund.

Boosler: Artificial incrimination. In veto fertilization.

Lillie Biel: U.S. Capitollah.

Boosler: U.S. Hearse of Representatives. Congressted Development. Mammogramps. The Bill of Whites.

Carol Rohr: DOMMA- Defense of Multiple Marriage Act.

Boosler: Limbaugh - Viagra Falls. Limp Baugh. Viaggravating. Viaggrandized. Burkha King.

Debbie Harris Donushi: Placenta of attention. Leaves a Vitter taste in your mouth.

Boosler: Limbaugh's Gettysburg Address: Four whores and seven beers ago..

Dean Stefan: They're always bragging about the size of their caucus.

Boosler: GOP wants MANdates. Gay?

Rick Mide: Roe vs. male lobsters.

Asa Williams: If the 1% had its way, it'd be Caviar v. Wade.

Rick Mide: C - Section 8.

Boosler: You can say that again.