02/15/2012 09:41 am ET Updated Apr 15, 2012

My Quest To See How Giving People Were On Generosity Day

Though I love all things hot pink (have you seen our page?), I don't do well with the girly gifts. I lose jewelry, kill flowers and will take M & Ms over fancy chocolates oozing gooey stuff any day.

But when I learned that Valentine's Day also doubles as Generosity Day, a day of offering up acts of kindness, I started to reconsider my feelings about February 14. I left an office full of frosted cupcakes and red bouquets behind to find out if people really are, in fact, a little more giving on the holiday of roses and sweets.

I turned to a homeless lady in Union Square, a Berkeley educated violinist playing on a subway platform and a group of guys eating dinner at the New York City Rescue Mission in Chinatown. No one knew about Generosity Day, but each was attune to the ways in which people are (and aren't) willing to extend themselves for others on Valentine's Day.

This is what I learned.