03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Art of Attention: Unplug and Recharge With Pranic Healing

In the past few years I have begun practicing Pranic Healing, a very particular form of healing that has served me in a cumulative, profound way. It involves becoming aware of the field of energy that surrounds each of us, and how that field has been affected - either congested or depleted - by our experiences both past and current.

My teacher is Mark Pellerano, whose own teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui, now deceased, was the founder of Pranic Healing. In a series of introductory private sessions with him, I learned how to scan (check the level of energy in a particular area of the body, mine or someone else's), cleanse (sweep, or clear the congestion or depletion from the area), energize (revitalize the area), and stabilize once the work has been done.

Disclaimer: I was a cynic in the field of "energy work" prior to this. I doubted it every week, and was always newly surprised about the efficiency and effectiveness of the healing. As a devout Level II student of Reiki, which involves actual physical touch, it took time for me to find an authentic connection to the possibilities for Pranic Healing. Years later, after teaching several Introductory courses with Mark at the studio in New York I founded almost 8 years ago, time after time I'm completely thrilled to watch so many people with no previous healing experience easily sense the effects of Pranic Healing. Note that it took me a long time to wrap myself around the language - let yourself experience it and slowly become comfortable with it. It sounded too "loving" for me at first - now I see how crucial it is for us to invite (in no uncertain terms) the healing of forgiveness, peace, abundance, gratitude and inner strength into our lives.

Which brings me to how I unplug and recharge. The meditation that is the cornerstone of Pranic Healing brings us to a very particular understanding of how connected we are to the power source that empowers us all. It's called the Meditation on the Twin Hearts.
It takes just a few minutes, releases negativity of all sorts and helps us to strengthen ourselves inwardly. Every time I take the time to open myself as a conduit for the healing of my own heart and the heart of the world, I am quietly uplifted and fully recharged.

A useful and clear book on the subject, entitled Your Hands Can Heal You, is readily available and written by another well-known teacher of Pranic Healing, Master Stephen Co.

This serves as a high recommendation for this work, and the strong hope that you will release any doubt that this sort of healing work is indeed possible for all of us.