07/03/2013 08:08 am ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

Featured Fifty Poetry: Pixy-Dust

Eli Shaber is a retired surgeon who is now a poet, traveler, and raconteur. Eli has previously published an epic-style novel curiously entitled "The Dude 'Du Jour' Of Somalia" (Greenpoint Press, 2010). He lives a quiet, tidy life in New York City with his wife and puppies. He can generally be located on his stoop.

After 25 years of trying, I finally got it right. This is for my love Elizabeth. Simply stated, she makes my life gracious.


Unfettered and naif

Splendidly blended
In a jet-coal-black tuxedo

Flat-front filigreed shirt
White as a winter blizzard


Triple dimpled bow-tie
Shimmers in satin

Elegant button-backed braces
Cinched, smartly

In its absence
Imaginary jewelry glimmers

Virgin patent leather pumps
Sparkle and glow


Curiously impeccable hair
Immaculately contoured

Flawlessly ambiguous

Radiant vermilion lips
Pulsate, impossibly

In deep-deep
Sanguine red


Slinking, sliding
Floating, gliding

At the deep end of the pool

Pure kabuki

Bitten and stung

Delicious, delirious
Subsumed and submersed

Ebullience, uncluttered

Careening still
My tabula rasa razed

Drenched indelibly

In a blissfully archaic sea
Of crimson red surrender

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