02/12/2015 09:02 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2015

5 Tips for Dating Bisexual People (VIDEO)

Dating is tough. Dating as a bisexual man proves to be extra-tricky. For a variety of reasons, many gay men and straight women won't date bi guys. But those reasons tend to stem from their own insecurities or misunderstandings around what it means to be bisexual.

Being bisexual means that we're able to be sexually and/or romantically attracted to more than one gender. However, being bisexual doesn't mean that we're greedy, cheaters, or attracted to anything that moves. I mean, c'mon, I have standards! Those are common misconceptions about bisexual people that are untrue.

I've run into some difficulties in the dating world. One gay guy said I had "vagina cooties" -- seriously (I obviously didn't call him again) -- and a girl said she didn't want a "gay boyfriend." Bisexual and non-bisexual people alike should be able to date with no added bumps in the way.

Here are five tips for dating bisexual people:

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