05/22/2014 06:00 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2014

For the Love of Golf

National Golf Day was May 21, 2014. There are so many great things about golf that extend far beyond the actual sport. Those who play golf want others to experience the many positive benefits, including being one of the last frontiers you can spend four hours without a cell phone connecting with friends new and old. The idea in writing the Two Good Rounds book series is to invite anyone to explore the fun, feel-good, interesting stories and memories so many golfers share. Most notably, to share the interesting stories and reasons why PGA touring pros, celebrities and titans of industry enjoy and cherish the game of golf. So while our friends in the golf industry are on Capitol Hill discussing WE ARE GOLF with lawmakers in hopes of acknowledging the importance of the game of golf to the economy, especially the 15,000 golf courses, and change the dialogue about golf there are plenty of superstars and others that have already discovered the joy and importance of golf.

Before recently jumping back in the pool, Michael Phelps spent a good deal of time practicing his golf game during his retirement. The most decorated Olympian of all time notes his most memorable golf moments as playing in the Phoenix Open Pro-Am with Bubba Watson and playing the famed 16th hole with thousands watching and the crowd was chanting "U-S-A." Phelps also sunk a 159-foot putt at Kingsbarns recording the longest-ever televised putt.

Ray Allen, former Boston Celtics and now Miami Heat 2013 NBA champion superstar, is a scratch golfer. Clearly he takes his golf game as seriously as he plays basketball. He has had three holes in one which you could expect from the king of three-pointers. His dream foursome is Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley (for comic relief). Allen's advice and life tip "What determines your success is how you handle adversity."

Kelly Slater, the most successful champion in surfing history and a three handicap, compares the two sports and notes in both you need to be completely focused for hours while in a competition. In both sports you have to think about technique. His favorite 19th hole memory was on the 17th hole at St. Andrews, where he claims the burgers are amazing and because he walked in and there was Ernie Els.

Fifty-four elite athletes shared their stories in Two Good Rounds SUPERSTARS - Golf Stories from the World's Greatest Golfers, of their passion for golf and why they are hooked.

We encourage everyone to join us on this journey to connect and enjoy the beauty that is golf -- before, during and especially after a round. Stop and smell the Bermuda grass and perhaps occasionally do it with a martini in hand.