12/22/2011 11:46 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Ten Gifts For The Impossible-To-Please

1. For the person who is specific and precise about everything they buy, or the person who happens to be an architect, a graphic designer, or an accountant:

Braun Alarm Clock

It's a design classic, it's reliable, and it's handsome. (Also, it's $30.)

2. For the person who talks about how coffee can "bloom," and who likely already owns an old-school Chemex and a Baratza Precisio Grinder:

Tonx Coffee Subscription

For $35 a month, these guys ship "awesome beans" out every other week.

3. For the self-professed "pop culture junkie" who still keeps tapes, Cds, and vinyl on display:

Neverland Lost: A Portrait of Michael Jackson

Photographer Henry Leutwyler photographed some of the contents of Neverland--sequin-bedazzled gloves, his trademark jackets--for this fascinating, out-of-print tome.

4. For the person who actually reads cookbooks about mixology (but doesn't need another cocktail shaker):


They say a great gift is something you probably wouldn't buy for yourself: My friend Kristina is convinced that one such thing that everyone secretly wants is this countertop soda maker. I think she might be right.

5. For the person who flies all the time:

Klein Tools Zipper Pouches

Sure there are fancier toiletry cases, but Klein tool bags are actually tops for keeping things that might get messy contained: Not only are they cut from fuss-free canvas, but they're constructed to sit open on their own. Pllus, if something spills, you can toss them in the washing machine.

6. For the person who is reliable, practical, and could survive in the woods by themselves:


For those people who aren't really into material things, but who you'd still like to spoil, consider something that pays off in the long-term, like a bucket of heirloom seeds.

7. For the person who is easily spooked by States of Emergency:

Hand-Crank Flashlight or Radio

You know what stinks? Lining up at Home Depot to get your hands on batteries when the power goes out thanks to some horrible storm. Your friend might think this is the randomest gift ever, but they'll be pretty grateful the next time the lights go out.

8. For the person who enjoys wine, but doesn't want your input into their collection:

Lladro Bottle Stopper

There's something hands-down ridiculous about a porcelain wine stopper--but that's what makes these awesome. It's hard to take a Cockerel or Unicorn all that seriously.

9. For the person who owns it all (and has seen it all):

It's hard to not be enamored with the tiny little worlds that the geniuses at Sprout Home spin out, but if you don't live in Chicago or New York (they're too fragile to ship), consider this succulent extravaganza instead.

10. For the person who likes to be ahead of the curve:

I'm pretty convinced that custom name bracelets are going to be the next big thing. Seriously! Seriously. (I'm actually serious.)