06/19/2012 12:41 pm ET Updated Aug 19, 2012

SEIU Cheers President Obama's Leadership and Common Sense With DREAMers

President Obama's decision to grant relief to DREAM-eligible students facing deportation is proof that sometimes the good guys win.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Obama administration plan to grant prosecutorial discretion to DREAMers. This policy will allow young people who were brought to this country at a young age to remain in this country rather than face deportation.

The idea to grant legal relief to young people who were brought to the U.S. as children as long as they meet tough qualifications has long been advocated by educators, the military, small business and organized labor as well as religious leaders from various faiths. Why? Because it is also about our nation's future economic and national security.

DREAMERs are disproportionately high achieving young students with good moral character -- valedictorians, athletes, cheerleaders, J-ROTC members, future scientists, nurses and technology developers -- who grew up in the United States and consider themselves Americans but are not citizens because they were brought to our country.

They want to serve the country that is their home and we will benefit from their contributions.

President Obama is showing great courage in taking this first step towards bringing sanity to this dysfunctional immigration system. The president's move presents a stark contrast with the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee who has vowed to stop the DREAM Act if elected. In Congress, polarizing partisan politics kept the DREAM Act from becoming law in 2010.

We are calling on the GOP -- their presidential candidate Romney and their members in Congress to fish or cut bait. It is time for them to join President Obama in setting aside partisan posturing and work together on passing a common sense reform that will benefit workers, businesses and society.

Fixing this system is not brain surgery. All it takes is political will.

But just in case they still do not get the message, we make this pledge. We will redouble our efforts to register and mobilize 12 million Latinos to vote on November 6 and reward candidates who will put good public policy above political wedge issue posturing.

America cannot afford to continue waiting for Congress to do its job. The time is now.

We look forward to working with Congress in a bipartisan manner to finally fix this expensive, ineffectual, divisive and wasteful immigration system.