03/18/2015 10:00 am ET Updated May 17, 2015

10 Things I Learned About Dame Edna

I attended "Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye The Farewell Tour: A Meditation on Loss, Gender, Climate Change, Gay Marriage and Ethnicity" at the SHN Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. It was the first time I saw her live here are 10 things I learned about Dame Edna:

1. The late Joan Rivers was her friend and life coach and encouraged her to come to San Francisco in 1998.

2. She first appeared on stage in 1955 at the University of Melbourne.

3. In 1959 she moved to London.

4. Her complete name is Dame Edna Everage.

5. She made her first U.S. appearance on Joan Rivers talk show.

6. Her alter ego is Barry Humphries.

7. Barry Humphries has written books, novels, autobiographies, and plays.

8. Barry has honorary doctorates.

9. Barry is straight, married, and has 4 children, two boys and two girls.

10. Dame Edna has done other "last tours" previously. This one runs through March 22nd. For more information log onto Dame Edna.

Peace, love, compassion, and blessings.