08/07/2014 04:16 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2014

First Female Assistant Coach in the NBA

Sports is the modern opiate of the people. Like all good drugs, it provides a satisfying boost to its users (both participants and spectators) and huge money to its owners. A compelling spectacle, sports promotes the cherished American ideal of intense competition on a level playing field where race nor gender matter. Sports heroes, language and images saturate U.S. culture, presenting a model of race, gender and sexual roles.

Women are still conflicted with attempting to balance personal and family relationships with their sports careers. If sports is a metaphor for life, the very attributes that are admired in male athletes or coaches are disdained in female athletes and coaches.

The reality of a women coach in the NBA is on the horizon.

The San Antonio Spurs have hired the 16-year veteran of the WNBA, Becky Hammon, as the first full-time paid female assistant coach for the NBA.

Although it has been said that a male athlete has better odds of being struck by lightning than becoming a professional, what then are the odds of becoming a professional female athlete?

And from there, a coach?

Big money is involved, for players, corporations, colleges and cities. Gender inequities abound. Who will break the silence?

Congratulations to Hammon, the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA. An important first step.

Peace and blessings.