12/11/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

High School Musical Chairs

Dear Aunt Beth,

I have a problem at my school, and I need some advice. "Barry," our school's delegate for the Model United Nations - who is SO COOL and SO CUTE!!!! -- is transferring to a fancy boarding school out of state.

Anyway, "Milo," our student body president, gets to pick Barry's replacement, and a few months ago he told me --- shhhh! ----- that he's gonna pick me!!! I am soooo excited.

To demonstrate my school spirit, and to show Milo and everybody else what an awesome Model UN delegate I'll be, I've been holding bake sales and car washes to raise money.

Here's the problem: Milo has kind of a bad reputation because he used to party alot with a bunch of rich kids. But Milo and I grew up together, and I know that he really cares about our school and is working really hard to do a good job.

My friends say Milo is just pretending to be friends with me because everybody knows that I work hard and get really good grades, and that he's just using me to impress the teachers and get into National Honor Society. They say that once Barry goes to his new school, Milo is going to drop me like a bad habit and pick one of his cool-kid friends to be the Model UN delegate instead.

It makes me so mad!!!! I hate it when my friends badmouth Milo! But I have to admit, I'll feel pretty stupid if he picks somebody else to replace Barry after all my hard work. What should I do?



Dear Worried,

Sorry, dear. I don't mean to sound negative. But as your mom may already have told you, sometimes when a boy wants something from a girl, he makes promises he doesn't plan on keeping.

You sound like a really smart, committed, hard-working young woman. I'm sure you deserve to be the delegate to the Model UN, and I know you'd be a wonderful addition to the top ranks of your school's student government. But like your friends, I'd hate to see you disappointed by some guy who isn't as bright, honest, and conscientious as you are.

If you really believe that Milo is planning to name you as Barry's replacement, then keep on washing cars and baking cookies. But if I were you, I'd ask Milo to sign a Memorandum of Understanding first...


Aunt Beth