05/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Burger Tween

Ok. I have had it. I am completely sick of advertisers sexing up young
girls to sell -- well, in this case, it is whoppers. Burger King has a
new commercial featuring the lyric "I love square butts and I cannot
lie" -- along with Sponge Bob, and the Burger King who in this spot
looks like a filthy old man.

The girls prance around like tarts shaking their boxed butts in homage
to -- well, its hard to tell -- apparently the old king or Sponge
Bob. It is all creepy.

In one media onslaught after another we stand by while our girls are
told to sex it up in princess pink and short skirts, and our boys are
told to tough it up and muscle through every problem. These are the toys
and images that barrage our kids every day.

As a mother of 10 -year-old girl and boy twins, I am fed up and I am
angry. That is why next month I will help launch True Child, a unique
organization for parents, educators and experts.

True Child will be dedicated to helping children -- boys and girls
-- break through narrow stereotypes about what it is to be a boy or a
girl in our culture to day. It will equip busy and stretched parents
with the tools to push back and spawn an era of more expansive choices
for children's development.

After a decade of wading through a sea of pink and an ocean of
camouflage, I am ready. Please watch for us. We are coming May 19, 2009. Let Every Child Shine