10/08/2010 08:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

2010 NFL Week 5 Picks

So there was this post on today about how the Eagles are so terrible, and it either means the coaches are awful or the team has no talent.

Here's a hypothesis: the team's average age is 15. They're not terrible - the coaches aren't the worst since Bum Phillips - they're YOUNG. Many of our starters are within their first couple of years in the NFL. Yeah, no one wants to say "rebuilding" but that's what we're doing.

Oh - and Sunday's game? We don't do well historically in prime time or going west, and we're missing a lot of guys (Vick, Asante Samuel, Riley Cooper, in addition to the guys who are out for the season) - and LeSean McCoy is playing with a broken rib. And we're terrible against the run - ever heard of a guy named Frank Gore?

Yes, I'm calling 49ers. They have to win sometime.

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