10/30/2012 07:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Star Wars Episode 7: First Reactions From a Massive Fan

This blog is co-written by my sister, Sara Perle. The Force runs strong in my family.

By now, every self-respecting fan has heard the big news (Disney bought Lucasfilm for 4.05 billion and, more importantly, announced a new live-action Star Wars film slated for 2015!) and has gone through the Episode 7 stages of acceptance. Our process took a bit longer.

Here are 17 first reactions from two superfans, in no particular order, to this Alderaan-shattering news:

1. I sense a great disturbance in the Force.

2. Holy. Frakking. Kenobi.

3. What if it's a trap?!

4. Should I be lining up right now?

5. They can't make The Truce at Bakura into a movie, can they?

6. I wonder what Joss Whedon is doing in 2015?


8. (Besides Felicia Day.)

9. What if Disney sells out the brand, over-commercializes it, and creates insane amounts of tacky merchandise! Oh wait.

10. I kind of want to pick a fight with a Trekkie right now. I AM INVINCIBLE!

11. BRB need to catch up on Clone Wars.

12. So this means we have 3 years of The Hobbit, followed by an unspecified number of years of new Star Wars? This is an embarrassment of geek riches.

13. Mom text: "Checking in. Are you guys okay in NYC?" Me: "We're okay. A little shaken up. But our community is nothing if not resilient. will get us through this."

14. What if Disney turns this into one of those classic princess movies where the mom dies violently in childbirth and the main character grows up a misunderstood orphan? Oh wait.

15. You're not allowed to hold this against me 5 years from now when I'm bitching about the Episode 7 special edition, but OMG, guys. MORE STAR WARS!

16. To the first person who responds to my excitement with "Episode I" or "Jar Jar Binks" I say: Sure, fine, but how much fun are we still having debating about it, analyzing it, and learning from both its mistakes and jaw-dropping advancements in special effects?

17. Despite everything, it just won't be the same getting so worked up about Star Wars without George Lucas there to take the brunt of our abuse -- and joy.

liz perle

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