10/12/2012 07:07 am ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

5 Disruptive And Unruly Airline Strikes

In the wake of a rough few weeks for American Airlines during which we've seen pilot strikes, sick outs and those passive aggressive slow downs -- "Turn this jet back to the gate, a tray table is loose!" -- it isn't unusual for travelers to wonder if there is precedent for the chaos on the runway.

Concerned tickets you already have booked on American? Travel expert Peter Greenberg recommends keeping your reservation and flying American.

"In fact, you might even want to be on the lookout for fare sales. Going into the second week of October, the airlines has not offered any unusually significant deals, but those offers might soon be on the table," says Greenberg.

Airline strikes can be difficult both for consumers and industry. Sometimes they can even be a cause of an airline's demise. Remember Eastern Airlines and TWA?

Here are the five most troublesome and unruly airline strikes in US history:

Airline Strikes