06/01/2012 01:19 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

The Essence of Intuition

Intuition is informed by the essential suchness of the depths into which it has plunged. It is the breath of flowing awareness that occurs through stillness when preconceptions are out of the way. It is a song that arises in the dance between an immersion into what is before one and a clear connection of the heart and third eye chakras. The heart is a bridge of information from the root to the crown, from the earth and from that which is beyond. Through its allowing embrace, the heart is the melting pot and integrator, and each chakra is like a receptacle of another aspect of awareness in interfacing with the world. Intuition is inclusive of past knowledge without being tied to past knowledge. It is the result of deep listening within and a grace of inspiration in connection with that which inspires it. Intuition is the grace of a yoga of awareness with knowledge, and of the silence that informs and allows for that. A function of intuition is self-trust. Conditions of intuition are the fire that burns at the heart of inner stillness and silence.

In the visual and performing arts and music, intuition can be a subliminal arm of inspiration, aesthetics and taste. It informs composition, the harmonies that resonate and the accents that contrast. In invention and all forms of creativity, intuition informs vision and expression in connection with the zeitgeist and collective consciousness. It propels and is propelled by expansion and an evolution of consciousness.

Intuition is a yet-to-be-realized voice whispering to be recognized. It echoes wisdom of the soul because like soul, it looks at the conditions and play of time through a timeless eternal awareness.

Sometimes transrational knowings such as psychic perception and whatever cannot be proven, such as higher truth consciousness, are called "intuition." These trans-rational knowings are sometimes hidden behind what we can more easily prove or recognize, or what we are less embarrassed to call "intuition."

Intuition is the voice of one's innate creative intelligence in communion with its surrounding conditions.

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