01/28/2013 10:27 am ET Updated Mar 30, 2013

I Am a Special Needs Warrior Mom

This week, I'm once again doing battle with the insurance company over paying for Max's speech and occupational therapy. They're not reimbursing us and damned if I'm not going to keep pressing them on it.

This week, my friend Kate and her son with special needs are visiting a world-renowned specialist; the guy has a year-long waiting list but Kate talked her way in there.

This week, I learned about a mom in Maryland who is fighting to get her child with learning disabilities placed in a classroom that's more appropriate for him.

This is what we do as moms of kids with special needs: nudge, push, plead, persist, cajole, persuade, convince, argue, and, on occasion, have a total hissy fit to get our kids the therapies, equipment, services and whatever help they need.

And we manage to do all that and look like Beyoncé! Or some days, like this chick, but mostly like Beyoncé.

We may get weary (wow, do we get weary), but no matter what we will make another call and send another email and write another letter and file another complaint and sweet-talk the person booking appointments and demand another meeting and find an advocate or attorney, if need be. We learn the lingo, trust our instincts, stick to our guns, and at times bluff our way through. There is nothing -- nothing -- we will not do for our kids.

Because we want our kids to have every possible chance to strengthen their bodies and minds and overcome their challenges.

Because we want to get them every single resource that is available, and then some -- we are greedy that way.

Because we want, more than we've ever wanted anything in life, to enable our children and help them thrive.

Because if we don't, who will?

It's kind of mind-boggling what we pull off, and if we think too hard about it we might never again emerge from beneath the bed sheets, so it's best not to ponder and just power through.

We are special needs warrior moms, and we are proud. Because when we look at the progress our kids make, and how far they have come, we know it's all worth it.

This post originally appeared on Love That Max.

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