03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Five Feng Shui Ways To Make Your Halloween A Real Treat

Goblins and ghouls, ghosts and.....Feng Shui? Uh huh. Sure as, well, Shui, Halloween is a day where nothing is as it seems, what with all that masquerading, tricking and treating going on. And let's not forget that along with the costumes and the candy there is that ages old belief that so many traditions and cultures ascribe to -- the one that says this single day represents the only one on the yearly calendar when the veils between the worlds of the living and that of the dearly and departed dead are at their thinnest.

Since the advent of the Celtic calendar well over 2,000 years ago, it has been held that October 31st is the one single and special day when spirits are said to be free to wander and roam our world and even try to cause of bit of mid-fall mischief in their wake. And with all this potential for misbegotten magic hanging heavily in the autumn air, Halloween is simply THE perfect time to offer a big amount of protection to our littlest Hershey's hustlers.

Here's some Feng Shui advice that's heavy on that same aforementioned protection and light on both the pocketbook and the worry! Some of this takes a bit of pre-panning so be sure to give yourself a little extra time and then you won't be scared to run out of it. Nope, not scared at all!

1. Have your little fairy or action hero don their favorite tee shirt or pajama top UNDERNEATH their costume. This inner layer of safety will keep your wee ones feeling much more secure as they face outer demons carousing out and about in the big, wide world. Take it from me, this little 'trick' of your own will bring you a big treat when those kids aren't wandering your halls at 3 am asking Mom and Dad to check under the bed for the thousandth time!

2. Remember, costumes are notorious for being "too scratchy" or just plain uncomfortable. So, if you go ahead and pair that favorite t-shirt with comfy and favorite jeans or the matching pj bottom then you will not only help to prevent a flood of tears from an overflowing psyche but will create a truly subtle sense of security. Almost like they are wearing their favorite blankie or carrying their favorite stuffie. Keep in mind that the lighter the color of clothing UNDER the costume, the more balance they bring to offset the symbolic dark of this holiday.

3. Make sure that your house is well lit and peaceful so that when these tired trick-or-treaters return home, they are walking into a beacon of familiarity and comfort. Soft music playing in the background helps to soften the sugary vibe and create an atmosphere of safety and security. For all their fun and frolic, little ones need to know that there'll be no more foolish and ghoulish ghosting going on once they're through their own door and it's time to head to bed. They are home and safe and not Spidey (as in Spiderman, not Spencer that would be REALLY scary!) anymore.

4. Now, as we know, Feng Shui is really big on "clearing the clutter," and candy counts here, too! This is a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids the lesson of sharing -- potentially clearing any candy clutter both inside and out. We always put aside some sweet booty to bring to those who may have remained costumeless due to situation and circumstance. Local homes for the aged as well as soup kitchens, orphanages, institutions of incarceration and shelters, among others, are always happy to receive any excess and, BONUS, the kids see that their actions have consequences. In this case, those consequences are of the sweetest kind!

5. Lastly, if there is one night to go ahead and use lavender and chamomile essential oils in kid's bath along with sprinkling or spritzing a few drops on their pillows and/or sheets, well, this is IT! Their little nerves, as well as your bigger ones, might be a bit frayed by the end of this spooky day, so using three to six drops of each oil in their bathwater or adding same amount to a spray bottle of distilled water will calm and curb those last efforts at getting "just one more Reese's cup....please?"

Some other helpful suggestions include being sure to contract on the curfew beforehand while also agreeing at same time exactly how much candy can be eaten that night. (You can go ahead and throw in two extra pieces for good measure, it IS Halloween after all!) And, then, be sure to allow the little ones to watch you lock the house for the evening. You simply won't believe how far that action goes towards creating calm!

Like I said, none of this advice is too very tricky, but, conversely, will bring you a night of peace and trust and, yes, even treat! Almost better than the full size Snickers. Hey, I said "almost" better. Happy Halloween to all and to all a BOO night!