08/02/2011 12:44 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2011

The Mouth Secret

So I took a risk. I was really on the fence about it too. Remember the big wig radio guru guy I was in talks with a few weeks ago? I think this guy is absolutely brilliant and he's truly an empire onto himself. It was my friend Lisa Wexler, another radio luminary herself, who intro'd us knowing as she does that I really want to ratchet and raise my radio exposure. So, after a somewhat slow start, Mike and I did finally connect one heady wednesday afternoon and we talked and talked and talked...which, you know, is probably good since I'm essentially pitching the master of talk radio. Anyway, then, as life would have it, well, life got in the way. First he was off to some convention in Miami for a week and then it was the fourth of July and then he was off to his youngest daughter's wedding and, from last email, was leaving this past monday to head to Mexico for a ten day vacay. I could literally feel the connection slipping away and the opportunities inherent heading in that same dire direction too. This is already the theme that is threading through my summer ... people, places and things who start out enthused about some new plan or another but never seem to fulfill their end of our bargain. This guy seemed different though. But, c'mon, conventions and weddings and vacations happen.

The question is, knowing he's on vacation, should I still take advantage of astro energies and reach out anyway? Running the risk that he will then either think of me as the most irritating, annoying, entitled a**hole, or, on the other hand admiring my creativity and persistence? I chose the latter figuring if I'm going down I'm doing in in flames ... I mean, it's a hundred thousand degrees outside anyway right?

So, then, knowing he's on vacay on the Mexican riviera I sent him a brief email refreshing his memory about me and my brand by showing him the four ways my business is just like that country. (Sombreros -- I wear a lot of hats as I contribute to DailyOM and Doctor Oz, to iVillage and Huffpo as well...etc etc. Siestas -- this content is refreshing and restorative but I still understand that if you snooze you lose ... that sort of stuff.)

I made it short and then I invoked an intoned a mantra made for just such an occasion (more on that in a minute.) I wrote the email, made myself laugh (always a good thing) and then sent it winging it's way to my potential future partner.

And, then, just as Jeff was back ringing on my bell, an response drops in from radio man. One line. I'm holding my breath as I read it. I won't share the entire sentiment but the ending simply read:

"You are creative ... and persistent. I love that!"



Woo freakin' hoo!

I took a risk.

And it paid off.

So far anyway.

But I wouldn't have sent anything without first using something called "The Mouth Secret" in Taoist Feng Shui. This secret is the fourth of the mystic codes or a Taoist method of prayer. "The Mouth Secret" uses sound to send out messages. It is based on six syllables known as the "Greater Enlightenment Six Character Words of Truth"' (try to say that six times fast!) that form a powerful mantra that harmonizes the emotions. Repeat the following six words out loud to yourself at any time of the day when you wish to gain more composure or courage:

"OM MA NI MA OM YO." This is the translation from the Sanskrit which I believe is a language that holds its own powerful vibration atop the influence expressed inside these six words. That said, the Taoist version that expresses the same invocation and sentiment is: "Bu Tan Tsao, Bu Shi Mi."

All his life, the great philosopher Lao Tzu sad these same six words. All his life. The Taoists explain that this mantra helps to clear your mind of worry and fear. They say these words remind you that there is a whole life to be lived and loved and that we aren't just along for the ride as we watch one day blend into the next. These words invoke opportunities and energies to remind us that we are all here for a reason and that we all hold true power in our hearts, in our spirits and in our minds. "The Mouth Secret" is an incantation that calls to our aid all of our own inner forces and then unites them to uber powerful universal ones!

And that's certainly something worth talking about.

Pass this information along to anyone who can use some calm and some courage. And who doesn't know how to keep a secret. Because, you know, the more the merrier!