12/16/2014 12:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Leaning In and Speaking Up Part II: Why I Am Freezing My Eggs


By gstockstudio, via Thinkstock

By Mary Kopczynski is CEO of 8of9

Warning: I have already been told this subject makes a lot of people uncomfortable. My employees were cool when I announced it during our Monday morning meeting, but I knew they were all cringing inside.

I still think it's an important topic to discuss because so many women my age (born in 1977 but 29 forever) aren't even considering it.

My husband and I both attended law school together. When he got a job at first and I didn't, I can't tell you how many people suggested I "just give up and have kids." There are so many women who would envy my position! A supportive husband with a great job, a nice place in a nice neighborhood. What more could I want?

Well I didn't grow up playing married and pregnant Barbie. I grew up playing President Barbie and Astronaut Barbie who saved the prince who was completely in awe of her.

And I sure as heck didn't get a JD and a PhD in financial regulation to read American Banker from home. I got them to LIVE as an American Banker!

So now that the clock is ticking just as my company, 8of9, is taking off, I can't imagine stopping NOW to have kids.

So that is why I am subjecting myself to 32 shots of hormonal bliss, apparently multiple surgeries, and a multi-year supply of paperwork and freezer bills.

So I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. Everything about it makes me uncomfortable. But it doesn't change the fact that humans are living longer than ever before.

I know this is not true for everybody, but for some of us, life is LONG. If I live to 102+ like my grandmother seems to be doing, why can't I enjoy the first 45 years pursuing the career of my dreams, inspiring women to play right alongside the boys on Wall Street?

I will presumably have another 45 to have kids, raise them, send them to school until they grow up and freeze their own eggs.

So to the rest of you late blooming ladies out there: talk to your doctor. Many insurance companies cover some if not all of the process. Why not buy yourself another seven years to focus on doing what you love? You will be all the better mother to your children later, when you are ready to have them.

Mary Kopczynski is CEO of 8of9, a regulatory change solutions company, and author of Don't Just Lean, Speak Up