11/13/2014 04:08 pm ET Updated Jan 13, 2015

5 Essential Mom Mantras

New mom and actress Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement/ Undateable) and I have started a mother-loving revolution! Okay. We've started a weekly podcast called ATOMIC MOMS... and we're hoping it'll spark a revolution. We explore all aspects of motherhood. Celebrity guests share personal stories, and top experts give invaluable advice. Every week Bianca and I wrap up our podcast with a #MOMBOMB, a little mantra to remember throughout the week. Here are five that light our fire:


1. "Don't Be Afraid to Improvise."
As parents, we are tested daily when things don't go exactly as planned. Find the perfection in the imperfections! Let it all hang out! Surrender and enjoy the process of reconfiguration... Find your inner artist and JAM! You are a creative force to be reckoned with! - B

2. "Take Yes for an Answer."
I admit I have mommy martyr tendencies. Sometimes when I get my "YES," I'll come up with 20 reasons why the "Yes" should be a "Maybe" or a "No" (read: anxiety disorder). If your mother says YES to babysitting, get out of the way and enjoy yourself. If you ask your partner to change a dirty diaper, and he says yes, take the darn YES! and pretend not to hear his passive aggressive sigh. The Universe sprinkles us with "YESES" every single day. We've gotta have the courage to accept 'em. - E

3. "Today I Begin Anew."
BOOM. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with those around you. Nobody has perfected this parenting shizz and if they act like they have, be even more gentle with them. Parenthood is a big fat magnifying glass held up to our deepest, most sensitive wounds. Everyday is a new beginning, a new lesson, a new take on who we think we are as a person. Who we are as a PARENT. You are not the sum of yesterday's mistakes; you are the unfolding of today's possibilities. - B

4. "These Are the Days."
I saw McConaughey's Interstellar over the weekend. And what I took away from the film (besides that a 169-minute running time equates to four hours babysitter pay!) is that the time we have with our kids is the most precious time of our lives. And when I saw "These Are the Days" spray-painted on a Hollywood sidewalk on my way to a preschool tour, it was the perfect summation. Thank you anonymous street artist, wherever you are. -E

5. "Do Not Feel Lonely. The Entire Universe Is Inside of You."
There are days when pregnancy and motherhood can feel awfully lonely. But the 13th century Persian poet Rumi always makes me feel better and less like hiding under my kitchen sink (which I can't get to anyway because I've misplaced the childproof lock key!) The point is: we are all made of the same stuff. Every feeling we experience is just part of the HUMAN EXPERIENCE. We are all connected. Embrace this, and be kind to yourself. And eat a cookie. But only one. Or you'll spiral later. And then you'll need to read more Rumi. -E

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