03/06/2012 07:56 am ET Updated May 05, 2012

'The Bachelor' Season 16, Ep. 10 Style Recap: The Women Fight Over All (PHOTOS)

After week after week of dwindling fashion, with fewer and fewer would-be Mrs. Flajniks in the running, we finally have some style to speak of! Episode 10 of "The Bachelor" was the famous "Women Tell All" episode, where all the spurned women (and, this time, one still in the running!) come together and toss barbs at each other for two hours. Fun stuff.

The upside: for many of these women, it's also the last grasp at television fame, the final seconds of their 15 Minutes. So when it comes to fashion and beauty, the women tend to step things up.

So how did they do? Did Jamie wear too much bronzer and something way too formal? Did Kacie's hair look flawless? Was Monica's hair pulled back into a ponytail, emphasizing her overglossed lips? Did Courtney, the mega-villian of the season, wear her classic low-cut maxi dress? Did Samantha wear something so glittery I couldn't see straight?

In short, yes: almost all of the women stuck with their signature looks. Samantha, who has got serious volume control issues, also has makeup and glitter control issues. Yet again she wore a super sparkling dress and she also piled on the makeup: dark glossy lips, dark smoky eyes and visible blush. Pick one area and downplay the rest is the Golden Rule of Makeup, Samantha. Follow it.

Erika also missed the mark on the lipstick front, wearing a too-dark gloss that aged her. It didn't help that she wear wearing a sort of ugly, chunky necklace. Not my fave.

Kacie's hair, as always, looked awesome. We know what it looks like when its frizzy and untamed, but girl has mastered the art of taming it. Perfection. Unfortunately there was some bad hair, including Jaclyn's, which is dyed within an inch of its life. With the bright blonde and the uber tan, something has gone so awry.

Similarly, Jamie and Elyse, owners of some of the worst tans in the house, looked bronzed as ever. While both are pretty girls, they consistently coated their faces in so much makeup, you almost thought you wouldn't recognize them without it. We didn't find out tonight.

From Monica, also more of the same. Very glossy lips and hair in a ponytail -- but was that some streaky brown hair at end of the pony I spy?

Also to be expected: I love Jenna's whole look. Her makeup looks natural; her hair is loose, wavy and pretty; and her dress is awesome, a 3/4-length sleeve and rounded neckline covered in a deep blue, purple and gray sequin situation. I want to know what store she got it at, because I want to go to there. Seriously.

Other than that, the only fashion statements of notes were the unexpected ones, the ones that surprised me. For one: Blakely's hair, which she wore flat-ironed straight throughout most of the show, was relaxed and wavy, making her look even more relaxed and genuine. Courtney wore her hair down, but it was darker -- someone piled on the low-lights! I actually like the slightly darker 'do, which, when paired with her dark liquid eyeliner (also new for her), gave her a very mature look.

Another girl with a new look: Emily! After a season of unremarkable and rather unalluring fashion choices, Emily decided to step up her game (undoubtedly a "show Ben what he's missing" situation). Her makeup was heavy on the black eyeliner and her dress was so low-cut, I kept wincing at the near nip slips! Hello there, Emily's boobs! I don't think we've met till now! It's a pleasure.

All in all, there were fewer surprises than expected. I was hoping for some drastically different hair colors or some serious weight loss/gain -- something to indicate the passing of time! Alas, the only markers of the months passed were Emily's boobs, which went head-to-head (er, chest-to-chest?) with Courtney's new hair and eye makeup.

And honestly, once all the barbs were flown and tears were shed, it looked like Emily won.

Next week: the grand finale, i.e. the day we all scream and throw things at our TVs as (SPOILER ALERT) crazy-haired Ben gets down on one very foolish knee and proposes to Mega Villain Courtney. Will she say yes? Will Ben finally get the happy (for now) ending he was looking for? And will Mr. Neil Lane drop in as an accomplice to it all? All in due time. For now, check out pics of last night's ladies. Who had the best look of the evening?


Bachelor Recap: Episode 10