02/07/2013 03:29 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

A Word on Hillary Clinton and John Kerry

Hillary Clinton has been cooperating closely with the EU and its member states concerning many important political issues. Especially in areas regarding Iran, the Middle East and North Korea, the collaboration was quite intense.

She has always been aware of the fact that the joint strengths of the U.S. and the EU -- the two biggest economic powers -- should also be used in order to achieve common goals in the foreign and security policy fields. This is also important in consideration of the fact that both U.S. and the EU are tightly connected transatlantic democracies with common values such as freedom and human rights.

I still remember her great performances in the European Parliament, our conversation and our delightful encounter in Brussels last December, when homage was paid to this marvellous stateswoman by everybody throughout the political elite of Brussels.

John Kerry is an experienced foreign affairs politician. He spent a part of his youth in Europe and therefore knows and appreciates it. It was during the Cold War, he explored Berlin by bicycle. I put my hopes in him.