01/22/2015 05:58 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2015

12 Crucial Life Lessons We All Need to Remember

YanLev via Getty Images

1. You can trust your intuition.
You have more love, wisdom and guidance inside of you than you will ever know. Next time you're lost and confused, quiet your mind and ask your heart to speak up.

2. Loving yourself is square one.
The relationship you have with yourself manifests in your relationship with others. Unconditional self-love acceptance is the key to success and happiness.

3. You don't have to be perfect.
There is no such thing. You just have to be perfectly you -- authentic, real, whole and living a life that's true to you.

4. You are not your social mask, titles, roles and labels.
You are something much deeper, more beautiful and eternal than that. Your titles, levels of success and facades may change, but it is the same you underneath it all. Your essence remains.

5. Your expectations influence your life.
Magic happens when you wake up and anticipate having an amazing day, feeling awe and gratitude for your life. Conversely, when you're convinced the day will be terrible and believe that life is a constant struggle, it will be.

6. You are not your emotions.
Instead of being consumed by negative and painful emotions when they hit, take a moment to observe the feeling in your body. It is simply passing through you -- it is not who you are. Disassociating from the emotion like this will immediately soften the impact.

7. Your power lies in the present moment.
While it's a beautiful thing to set goals and visualize your dream life, your true power lies in the here and now. What you do today will effect all of your tomorrows.

8. Intentions matter.
When you're doing something with a reluctant attitude and unloving energy, it effects the outcome of the action. When your pour your love into things, they take on the quality of that love.

9. Acceptance is freedom.
Your present circumstances have already happened. You don't have to like them, but you have to accept them -- otherwise you are wasting your energy fighting a no-win battle against what is, instead of saving your energy to put towards making big life changes.

10. You have to be your own judge.
We give up so much personal power designing our life around what other people think (or may think) about us. The truth is no one can ever experience life in your body and mind and from your point of view, so make decisions based on your own internal point of reference.

11. There is nothing to be gained by holding a grudge.
We think we're holding other people hostage by holding onto grievances, bitterness and resentment, but really we're only keeping ourselves trapped. Let go of the past and set yourself free.

12. Happiness is to be found today or not at all.
We see our happiness as a moving target -- putting it off until we're thinner, richer, more successful and married to our soulmate. True sustainable happiness comes from within -- if you can't start to feel gratitude and joy for what you have today, a change in fortune is unlikely to change that.

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