07/15/2014 10:31 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2014

5 Steps to Dance Your Life Away

At the core of each yoga practice, five elements truly help you master your ability to move quickly and with ease, embracing the Present and what it has to offer, while preserving your strong sense of Self and Purpose.

Balance brings Wisdom. Embracing different thoughts and perspectives, evaluating pros and cons, staying away from extremes opens your doors to incredible teachings and makes your life interesting, complete and meaningful.

In today's world, life is moving quickly and requires you to adjust constantly. Always reevaluating yourself, trying new things, discovering new fields, exploring new horizons, looking to better understand help you grow tremendously, fast. The magics only happens when you're able to connect the rhythm of your dance with the reassuring steadiness flow of Nature.

Thanks to new technology and innovative breakthrough, never has humankind been more empowered to create, rethink and connect. Welcoming your own vulnerabilities and weaknesses as the the essence of your own growth is actually the key to always greater strength.

Embracing the human flow of energies and tuning up to the beautiful synergies created from it is what creates the most interesting dances of life.

Loving yourself, your life, the world, the moment is just the magical touch bringing everything together, beautifully.

If you are able to master this precious alliance of "effort" and "grace," you will slowly and surely get to the essence of an agile mind, body and spirit and the most beautiful dance.