08/12/2014 11:26 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2014

Love Mantra

AntonioGuillem via Getty Images

Life is a beautiful journey. You can either take it from a perspective of love or a perspective of fear.

All it takes is for you to repeat this simple mantra to yourself: "Let love in (breathing in), let fear go (breathing out)".

Whether in the train, on your meditation cushion, before an important meeting, when thinking about someone you have difficulties with or laying down in the beach, repeating those few words to yourself truly have the power to shift your perspective on life and transform your relationship with yourself and others in a beautiful way.

Fear is the roots of hanger, jealousy, greed, sadness and hate.
Love creates expansion, beauty, kindness, peace and compassion.

Fear looks for perfection.
Love embraces imperfections.

Fear make you see the world full of enemies, adversaries and competitors.
Love make you see the world full of brothers and sisters, angels and God.

Fear creates emptiness and sadness.
Love fills your heart with hope and gratitude for opportunities to love, always.

Fear wears you out, stresses you out, burns you out.
Love opens your entire self to abundance, beauty and wealth.

Fear creates self hate, eating disorders and addictions.
Love embraces your body as the most precious temple.

Fear is all about control, ownership and attachment.
Love celebrates the flow of Nature, Seasons and Life.

Fear always sees the worst in mankind.
Love always sees God and sacredness in every human being, sound and art.

Fear stops you.
Love lets you be.

Whether it's from a work, relationship or spiritual perspective, always bringing life back to love versus fear may be the most important gift you can offer to yourself, others, the world.

Let love in; let fear go.